A New Method for the Analysis of Total Nitrogen in Aqueous Samples

The USEPA Clean Water Act (CWA) requires national approval for all methods used for CWA compliance. There are approved methods for the determination of inorganic nitrogen (NO3-N, NO2-N, and NH3-N), and for organic nitrogen (TKN - NH3-N). There are no EPA approved methods for the determination of total nitrogen although it is a required parameter in many USEPA permits, including monitoring of nutrient pollution for ambient water criteria. Because Part 136.3 Table 1b methods are required, laboratories have no recourse but to measure total nitrogen as the sum of TKN, NO3-N , and NO2-N.

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Total Organic Carbon Analysis, TOC Analysis
Total Organic Carbon Analysis, TOC Analysis, ASTM D8083-16, inorganic nitrogen, organic nitrogen, Environment, Drinking Water, Pool Water, Discharge Water, Groundwater, Environment Water, TOC-L
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