Cleanliness Evaluation of Orthopedic Implants Using TOC

Orthopedic implants which are medical devices used to support damages bones or even to replace missing joints must be biocompatible and highly clean. ISO19227:2018 describes guidelines and various test methods for the evaluation of cleanliness of orthopedic implants. TOC is mentioned as a common practice for evaluating the organic contaminants.
Here, we’d like to show the liquid extraction procedure of the contaminant using a knee implant and the TOC measurements results of those solutions.

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Total Organic Carbon Analysis, Lab TOC Analysis
Implant, Metal, Ceramic, Aluminum, Stainless, Noble metal, Organics, Residue, Contamination, Quality, Cleaning Validation, Process, Medical Device, Clinical research, Forensics, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, TOC-L
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