Around the clock operation: the TOC-4100 in wastewater treatment plants

The central wastewater treatment plant in Ansbach,Germany, processes,since the start up operation in1980, the wastewater of a city of 40.000 people and all local industrial wastewater, particularly from the meat processing companies inthe area.In addition, the wastewater plant has a sludge tower, where the raw sewage can be stored and partiallycomposted and resulting biogas can be used as a source of energy. Digestiontank GastankAround the clock operation: The TOC-APPLICATION Shimadzu News 1/20014This way it was possible to produce 1.62 million tons of biogas in 1999, which had a clearly positive influence on the energy balance of the plant.

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Total Organic Carbon Analysis, Continuous Monitoring Analysis, On-line Water Quality Analysis
Environment, TOC-4100
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