UV and NIR Spectra of Commercial Mineral Water Samples and Quantitation of Mineral Water Sample Mixtures by Multiple Linear Regression

Mineral water, consisting of raw water from naturallyoccurring springs or sources, is now available undermany commercial labels. The mineral content in thesedifferent brands of water not surprisingly differsdepending on their source. Here we investigated thesemineral content differences using absorption spectraobtained from measurement of using an ultraviolet,near infrared spectrophotometer. Since the differencesin the absorption spectra cannot be seen in the visibleregion due to the transparency of mineral water, theinvestigation was conducted in the ultraviolet and nearinfrared regions.These days, chemometrics is often used forsimultaneous quantitation of multiple constituents. Anexample of the effectiveness of chemometricsquantitation is presented here, in which we appliedmultiple linear regression to determine the mixtureratios of several commercial mineral water samples.

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Molecular Spectroscopy, UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy
Food and Beverages, Drinking Water, Pool Water, UV-3600
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