inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR Plus

Microfocus X-Ray CT System

Advanced Operability and Ultimate Image Quality
That Overturns Conventional Assumptions
inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR Plus

The inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR Plus is a high-performance microfocus X-ray CT system equipped with a Shimadzu microfocus X-ray generator and a large high-resolution flat panel detector. 

The large detection area, input resolution equivalent to 14 megapixels, and an enhanced high-output microfocus X-ray generator enable CT images with a large field-of-view, high resolution, and high contrast. In addition, the improved HPC inspeXio high-performance computing system processes images faster. 

These developments make the inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR Plus system applicable for researching, developing, or inspecting a wide variety of samples, from composite materials, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) and continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic laminate (CFRTP) materials to large aluminum die cast parts.

*System Configuration and Operating Principle.

System Configuration and Operating Principle

The inspection target (sample) is placed between the X-ray generator and detector, as shown below. Then, the sample is rotated 360 degrees to collect X-ray fluoroscopic data from various angles in order to calculate cross-sectional images.


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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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