inspeXio SMX-100CT

Micro Focus X-Ray CT System

New Possibilities, Pioneered by inspeXio
A Solution That Gives Rise to User Friendliness and Beauty

The inspeXio SMX-100CT is a CT system capable of performing high-magnification 3D observations of resins, medicines, bones, and other soft materials. It is equipped with a sealed tube type microfocus X-ray generator with a maximum output of 100 kV, and a high-sensitivity image intensifier.
The interface provided is capable of easily observing the internal 3D structure of samples. Furthermore, clear, high-magnification CT images are obtained faster and more clearly thanks to the high-performance computing system HPC inspeXio.

Basic System to Achieve High Performance


System Structure and Basic Principles

The measurement target (sample) is positioned between the X-ray generator and the X-ray detector, as shown in the figure below.
X-ray fluoroscopic data is collected from every angle by rotating the sample 360 degrees, and computed tomographic images (CT images) are calculated.

MPR Display
(Arbitrary cross sectional display)

Stands for Multi Planar Reconstruction.
Multiple CT images are stacked in a virtual space, and four images — a CT image, mutually orthogonal longitudinal section images, and an arbitrary section image orthogonal to the longitudinal section images — are arranged for display.

VR Display
Stands for Volume Rendering.
Multiple CT images are stacked in a virtual space, and rendered in three dimensions.


User Interface

Main unit, operation box, and software design has been integrated to enable intuitive operation.

Easy Sample Positioning Through Intuitive Operations


Intuitive Operations via Observation Camera


High-Performance Computing System HPC inspeXio

A system employing the latest High-Performance Computing (HPC) technology has been incorporated.
As a result, computational processing is approximately 80 to 170 times faster than before.


CT Scan Area 3D Display Function

The CT scan area is overlaid on the MPR image in real time to match the movement of the CT stage.

Based on the CT scan results, a CT scan of the region of interest can be performed at even higher magnification.

A Variety of Original Functions to Support the User


CR Scan

To obtain fluoroscopic images with no distortion in the vertical axis direction, data is only collected from the centerline of the X-ray detector while the sample is moved vertically.


Real-Time Sensitivity Correction

This enables obtaining sharp X-ray fluoroscopic images free of shading (uneven brightness).


DICOM Conversion Function

This enables converting obtained CT image data to the DICOM format, the world standard for medical imaging.
This function is essential for analyses with medical imaging analysis software.


Enhanced Noise Reduction Function

In comparison with conventional processing, noise is reduced while keeping the shape of longitudinal sections intact.


Software Limit Function

The software limit function, which can be configured to suit the sample size, helps prevent collisions between the X-ray generator and sample.


Routine Inspection Function

The minimum necessary routine inspections are performed when the system starts up. A software wizard has been adopted for the routine inspections, so that the system can always be used safely.


Sliding Door Finger-Pinch Preventive Mechanism

A finger-pinch preventive mechanism has been provided to prevent pinched fingers when the sliding door is closed.


Collision Sensor

Installed near the X-ray generator, this collision sensor stops the CT stage in an emergency (sample collision).


Door Interlock Mechanism (for X-rays)

Double interlock circuits are provided on the sliding door.
X-ray exposure is impossible when the sliding door is open.


Door Interlock Mechanism (for CT stage)

This stops internal CT stage movement when the sliding door is open.

* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.


This product is certified as Shimadzu's Eco-Products Plus.
Reduced power consumption by 50% compared with conventional Shimadzu's products.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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