inspeXio SMX-90CT Plus

Benchtop Microfocus X-ray CT System

Built to be easy to use, speedy, and compact, the inspeXio SMX-90CT Plus benchtop X-ray CT system makes CT imaging simple for everyone. Offering a compact benchtop design and calibration-free operability, the SMX-90CT Plus is equipped with the HPC inspeXio high-performance computing system and a DICOM conversion function. While retaining the compact design of the previous model, the system now provides easier, faster CT imaging and analysis of biological samples, pharmaceuticals, bone samples, molded plastic parts, and small electronic parts.

System Structure and Basic Principles

The measurement target (sample) is positioned betweenthe X-ray generator and the X-ray detector, as shown in the figure below. X-ray fluoroscopic data is collected from every angle by rotating the sample 360 degrees, and tomographic images (CT images) are calculated.

MPR Display(arbitrary cross sectional display)
MPR stands for Multi Planar Reconstruction. Multiple CT images are stacked in a virtual space, and four images - a CT image, mutually orthogonal longitudinal section images, and an arbitrary section image orthogonal to the longitudinal section images - are arranged for display.

VR Display
VR stands for Volume Rendering.
Multiple CT images are stacked in a virtual space, and rendered in three dimensions.

This product is certified as Shimadzu's Eco-Products Plus.
Reduced power consumption by 44% compared with conventional Shimadzu's products.



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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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