SMX-1000 Plus / SMX-1000L Plus

Microfocus X-Ray Fluoroscopy System

Automatic X-Ray Measurement System for Lithium-ion Batteries

This system allows for the automatic measurement of wiring deviations for electrodes in lithium-ion batteries during the manufacturing process. This requires a high degree of reliability, without the need for the acquisition of expensive, large-scale, in-line, specialized equipment. It makes possible automatic determination based on specific judgment criteria that have been set beforehand.
Samples of the same type can be measured consecutively based on predetermined settings for inspection positions of the samples placed on the stage and the inspection criteria.

Simple Operational Flow (only three steps)

No complicated parameter settings are necessary. A sample judged to be defective is marked on the external image that is taken from above the sample, making determination easy.

Easy Setup Change

Since the system combines an offline X-ray device with automatic measurement software, changing the setup is easy, making the system ideal for producing a wide variety of samples in small quantities, or for inspecting random samples.

Compact System

This space-saving system requires less than one square meter for installation. It can be installed on the side of an existing production line.
The unit can also be used as an offline X-ray inspection device for a variety of purposes other than automatic measurement.

Items that are necessary for inspection of wiring deviations in lithium-ion batteries are included.

■ Measured items
(1) (2) Height between different electrodes
(3) Width between electrodes
(4) Difference between different electrode heights (max.)
(5) Difference between different electrode heights (min.)
(6) Meandering width of electrode 1
(7) Meandering width of electrode 2
• Not compatible with cylindrical type batteries

■ Measurement time
Max 2.5 seconds per image


  • The cycle time of the system depends on the time  required for stage movement and the time required to store images.


■ Number of points inspected
99 max.

This system can be installed on an existing SMX-800 or SMX-1000 Plus.



  • This system performs measurements for the images acquired by the device. The device itself is not a measurement device. For this reason, we offer no guarantees with respect to the absolute values of the measurement results.
  • Depending on the sample being inspected, this system may not be able to provide stable measurement of the sample. Before purchasing this system, be sure to check its capabilities with the sample being used.
  • Although this system can be installed to an existing SMX-800 or existing SMX-1000 Plus, a negative impact on the measurement stability could be encountered depending on the degree to which the X-ray device and detector have degraded. Before purchasing this system, make sure that the desired performance can be obtained when used with your existing equipment.
  • The product described in this document is not designed to be used by general consumers. It is intended to be used by persons who have sufficient knowledge, or who are working under the supervision of such a person.
  • The content of this document is subject to change without notice.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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