Micro-focus X-Ray Inspection System

Truly Efficient Processing at Your Fingertips


High efficiency is often required for quality control applications. The SMX-800 is a system developed specially to meet such needs, comprising a touch screen display, a joystick, an intuitive user interface, and a newly designed high-speed stage, which reduces the time required for launching the software before inspections. It allows anyone to simply and rapidly detect minor defects in the circuit boards and electronics.

Real-Time Detection, Visualized Operation

Operations such as positioning, zoom-in and zoom-out can be performed directly by touching the large touch screen, enabling anyone to operate the system immediately and improve efficiency.

Zoom- In

Drag the fluoroscopic image display area from left to right to cover the display area.


Drag the image from right to left to zoom out by a certain factor.

Center Positioning

The position of touched on the fluoroscopic image display moves to the center of the display area.

Zoom-In of Exterior Image

Drag the exterior image display area from left to right to zoom in.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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