Shimadzu releases "Nexera Quaternary" System, Enabling Automated Optimization of Mobile Phase with Up to 16 Solvents

On May 30, Shimadzu released the "Nexera Quaternary" system as part of its Nexera UHPLC family, which features pressure tolerance to 130 MPa. The Nexera Quaternary system enables mobile phase optimization by using 16 solvents for HPLC method development. In addition, it can be upgraded to the "Nexera Method Scouting" system for comprehensive column and mobile phase scouting in HPLC method development. With its automated processes and easy-to-use software, the Nexera Quaternary system realizes a significant reduction in method scouting time, while its pressure tolerance and wide flow rate range enable simple method transfer from HPLC to UHPLC and enhance the entire method development process.


HPLC method development is an often time-consuming process because it requires optimization of a combination of mobile phases and columns, and the method developer needs to test considerable combinations independently. The Nexera Quaternary was developed to reduce the labor associated with mobile phase selection and optimization. Additionally, with its design, the Nexera Quaternary can be upgraded to allow comprehensive method scouting of mobile phases and columns.


The product features are as follows.

(1) Automation of method development and significant time savings

With 4-solvent selection, the Nexera Quaternary reduces the labor associated with mobile phase selection. The configuration can be extended to a 16-solvent selection system to allow comprehensive mobile phase optimization. Moreover, upgrading to the Nexera Method Scouting system allows comprehensive method scouting using up to 96 combinations of mobile phases and columns by adding 6 column selection functions. This automation not only saves labor during the method development process, but also reduces the method development time down to 1/10 by speeding up the optimization process using UHPLC and enabling continuous method development at night and during weekends.

(2) "Method Scouting Solution" software supports the method development process

Method Scouting Solution automates creation of a series of method programs and analytical sequences, enabling comprehensive method scouting and contributing to a streamlined method development process.

(3) Enable wide range of method development from conventional to UHPLC

The Nexera Quaternary is the latest product in the Nexera family that features a pressure tolerance of 130 MPa and a wide flow rate range. This enables seamless method transfer from conventional to UHPLC methods and offers fast method development using UHPLC conditions in single system.

The Nexera Quaternary is not only appropriate for HPLC method development but also as a new standard HPLC for conventional analysis and ultra-fast analysis. With release of the Nexera Quaternary, Shimadzu aims to significantly increase sales of the Nexera in CMC and QA/QC.

Nexera Quaternary System


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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