The 12th HUPO World Congress

Invitation for Shimadzu Luncheon Seminar
September 16, 2013 Yokohama Japan

Welcome to Yokohama in Japan and host of the 12th HUPO World Congress 2013!

Date: September 14 – 18, 2013
Venue: Pacifico Yokohama, Japan

Luncheon Seminar

Shimadzu cordially invites you to our Luncheon Seminar. Our guest speaker will provide insights into the most modern topics in biological science while you enjoy lunch and discussions with colleagues:

Date:Monday, September 16
Time: 13:00h – 14:00h
Place: Room 302, 3rd Floor, Pacifico Yokohama

 Speaker  Susumu Seino
 Division of Molecular and Metabolic Medicine, and The Integrated Center
 for Mass Spectrometry,  Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine
 Date/Time  Monday, September 16     13:00h – 14:00h
 Place  Room 302, 3rd Floor, Convention Hall
 Title Quantitative analysis by LC/MS/MS of progranulin as a marker for insulin resistance
 Abstract Obesity and diabetes are diseases that afflict enormous populations in the 21st century.
Insulin resistance is a characteristic feature in both obesity and diabetes. Adipose tissue secretes various cytokines or hormone-like substances called “adipokines”. 
We have recently identified progranulin as a key adipokine that links high fat diet to obesity, suggesting that progranulin can be a biomarker for insulin resistance as well as a therapeutic target of obesity. Progranulin has been shown to be processed to granulin peptides (GRNs).In this lecture, we will discuss a novel method for selective quantification of GRNs in the blood, based on our recent data. 


Please visit booth #6, Exhibition Hall B to explore the latest Shimadzu technologies, including ultra fast mass spectrometry. Experts will be available for discussions and to answer any questions about our solutions for science.


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