Shimadzu releases Automated Scale-up system for reversed phase purification – ASAPrep –co-developed with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Shimadzu Corporation announces the global release of ASAPrep, an automated scale-up system for reversed phase purification.

ASAPrep (AutomatedScale-up fromAnalytical toPreparative conditions) is an algorithm (Patent Pending) used to calculate an optimal initial organic mobile phase concentration in preparative scale using the retention time acquired by LC-PDA-MS measurement, and to judge the difference between success and failure of purification. Its calculation uses a pre-registered ASAPrep operational expression within newly developed Open Solution Purification software.

ASAPrep enables development of a user-independent purification workflow regardless of a researcher's reversed phase chromatography knowledge. It determines an optimized preparative method by calculating chromatographic parameters of measured LC-PDA-MS chromatogram in analytical scale. This allows anyone to quickly and easily develop a purification method.

Dr. Teruhisa Ueda, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Shimadzu mentioned "we are proud to collaborate with Takeda to develop a new purification workflow. We believe ASAPrep is a breakthrough technology that not only enables high throughput and automated purification but expands the popularization of reversed phase purification, which has been avoided by researchers due to the hurdle of method development."

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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