Achieving the World Highest Level Sensitivity and Spatial ResolutionRelease of the New EPMA-8050G Electron Probe MicroanalyzerCapable of Ultra High Sensitivity Analysis of Microscopic Regions with the Latest Field Emission Electron Optical System

Shimadzu Corporation has released the EPMA-8050G, a high-end electron probe microanalyzer. While maintaining excellent operability, this model is equipped with the latest field emission (FE) electron optical system, and achieves the world leading sensitivity and spatial resolution for an FE-EPMA instrument.

EPMA can perform non-destructive analyses of a wide range of samples. They are primarily utilized for research and development with respect to various materials including metals and semiconductors.

While maintaining the high sensitivity and operability favorably received in previous models, changes to the electron gun has improved spatial resolution significantly. The result is a top class EPMA model that achieves the world highest level sensitivity and spatial resolution. The uniquely large irradiation electric current of the FE electron gun improves the detection sensitivity for ultra trace elements, supporting users with overwhelming analytical capability including beautiful, clear imaging data.

The EPMA-8050G has the superior specifications unique to Shimadzu EPMA series, with a high 52.5 degree X-ray take-off angle, and the capacity to accommodate up to five 4-inch high sensitivity X-ray spectrometers. While retaining the high operability needed to simplify sequential analyses, the previous design has been renovated. In terms of the electron gun, which emits the electron beam, an FE electron optical system which achieves high performance across all electric current conditions has been adopted for the first time. As a result, the EPMA is capable of observing samples which were previously difficult to analyze, such as particles a mere 50 nm in diameter, and can perform high sensitivity, high-magnification imaging. It can accommodate conventionally difficult applications including nano-level analyses of catalysts, and pharmacokinetic analyses by EPMA. This state-of-the-art product aims to expand and develop hitherto nonexistent cutting-edge analytical instrument markets.


1. The World Highest Level of Spatial Resolution

The EPMA-8050G achieves the world's highest level of spatial resolution performance in element mapping (10 kV-1 μA-150 nm). In addition, the 3 nm secondary electron resolution is the top-class for an EPMA, high quality and clear SEM images are easily obtained.

2. Large Current Ensures the World Highest Level of Sensitivity

The EPMA-8050G enables analysis with the world's leading sensitivity in SEM of the FE type since the EPMA is capable of reaching a maximum current of 3.0 microampere. With this capacity, it is one of the best EPMA in the market today. Detection capabilities for ultra trace elements have been dramatically improved, enabling the imaging of ultra trace components in element mapping.

3. Supports Automatic Analysis with Excellent Current Control Capabilities

Optimal current control is possible for the operations from secondary electron imaging observations with minute currents to high sensitivity analyses with large currents, and objective aperture replacement is not needed. As a result, various analyses required by users can be performed automatically, which contributes significantly to a more efficient workflow.

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