Shimadzu’s New ICPE-9800 Series Simultaneous ICP Atomic Emission Spectrometers Achieve Stable Analysis with Low Operating Costs

Shimadzu has released the ICPE-9810 and ICPE-9820 as part of its ICPE-9800 series of simultaneous ICP atomic emission spectrometers. Featuring user-friendly software, a proprietary design, Eco mode, and enabling high-speed simultaneous analysis of multiple elements, these instruments improve throughput and reduce operating costs.

ICP atomic emission spectrometers are used for R&D and quality control in a variety of fields involving soil samples, drinking water, foods, pharmaceuticals, and metallic materials.

The ICPE-9800 series consists of the ICPE-9810, which provides axial view plasma observation in a direction coaxial to the plasma, and the ICPE-9820, which in addition to axial view, provides radial view plasma observation in the perpendicular direction. This dual view capability allows measurements to switch automatically between high-sensitivity axial view and high-accuracy radial view, enabling analysis of elements across a broad concentration range with a single method. Optimization of the plasma torch layout and plasma conditions reduces costs and ensures stable analysis.

This series features Shimadzu's mini-torch system and Eco mode, which reduces argon gas consumption and power consumption during measurement standby by approximately half in comparison to previous models. Furthermore, performance is ensured even with 99.95 % pure argon gas, not the 99.999 % or purer gas generally used for ICP systems, which helps to reduce operating costs. In addition, a vertically-oriented torch reduces memory effects and shortens rinse time. The adoption of this torch and vacuum spectrometer enables highly stable, high-throughput analysis. ICPEsolution control software features intuitive operation for easy creation and optimization of complicated methods, allowing for a smooth analysis process from the start.


1. Achieves Lower Operating Costs Thanks to Eco Mode

During instrument is not running, argon consumption is eliminated, as the spectrometer is not purged but kept under vacuum conditions. In Addition the new Eco mode function suppresses the argon gas flow rate and power consumption automatically during measurement standby time, so power consumption and argon gas consumption between measurement sequences can be approximately halved. High performance is ensured even with 99.95 % pure argon gas, not the 99.999 % or purer gas generally used for ICP systems. In some cases, this reduces operating costs by about 25,000 dollars over a three-year period.

2. Faster Rinse Time and Reduced Memory Effects Increase Analytical Throughput

The ICPE-9820 is equipped with a function that switches measurements automatically between high-sensitivity axial view and high-accuracy radial view modes. This allows analysis of elements across a broad concentration range, from principal component elements in samples to trace toxic metals and additive elements, with a single method. Furthermore, the adoption of a vertically-oriented torch for this series reduces memory effects. This ensures stable measurement of low-concentration samples with only a short rinse time, even after highly concentrated samples have been measured.

3. Simultaneous Acquisition for All Wavelengths and Easy Reanalysis with ICPEsolution Control Software

A proprietary function saves all spectral data at the same time obtained from the CCD detector. This allows users to add separate elements and wavelengths after measurements and check the data, or reanalyze previous analyses, for highly flexible analysis.


Photo: ICPE-9810 Simultaneous ICP Atomic Emission Spectrometers

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