New Glycolipid Library Characterization for 258 Types of Glycolipids with the LCMS-IT-TOF Mass Spectrometer

— Supports High Precision Analysis in Various Fields, Such as Drug Discovery and Ceramide Research in Cosmetics Development —

Shimadzu Corporation announces the release of the industry's first glycolipid-specific library, containing information on 258 types of glycolipids. This library was developed through joint research with Dr. Akemi Suzuki, Director of the Institute of Glycoscience at Tokai University. Library allows even those without specialized expertise to prepare samples, specify analytical conditions, analyze data, and characterize glycolipids using Shimadzu LCMS-IT-TOF liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer.

Glycolipids consist of a sugar chain attached to a lipid structure and are localized in cell membranes and intercellular membranes of the cells within our body, especially enriched in the nervous system. The cell membranes are formed by a large number of different micro-environments known as microdomains or lipid rafts. They play an important role in bacterial and viral adhesion, toxin binding, signal transduction, ion and substance transport, and other membrane functions for providing proper micro-environment to functional molecules like receptors, ion channels, and so on. Consequently, they have attracted considerable interests as a target for research in a wide variety of fields, including drug discovery and cosmetics development.

Glycolipids form a family consisting of a large number of molecules which have different sugar chains and lipid structures. This feature requires a high level of knowledge and expertise for preparation, pretreatment, setting analytical conditions, and characterizing their structures. Despite considerable attention, there has been a high barrier to entry for researching glycolipids.

New Product Features

The glycolipid library includes glycolipid extraction methods, analytical conditions, a library for characterizing glycolipids, and other information that allows even novice researchers to quickly analyze glycolipids with high precision. The library contains mass spectra for 258 types of glycolipids, including 21 ceramides, 193 acidic glycolipids, and 44 neutral glycolipids, all of which were acquired from actual measurements. Using these extraction methods, measurement parameters, other procedures specified in the instruction manual, and library search, researchers can analyze and characterize glycolipids.

The LCMS-IT-TOF system captures specific ions using an ion trap (IT) and splits them into fragments. Then it accurately measures the mass/charge ratios of the fragments based on the differences in flight time for the fragments to reach the detector (TOF-MS). By repeatedly trapping specific ions and measuring fragment masses, it is able to predict the structure of compounds with high precision. The library includes MS3 spectra, which can be used to identify ceramide structures, which is not possible with MS/MS spectra. Therefore, this library makes it possible to analyze the entire glycolipid structure easily and precisely using samples of crude preparation as lipid mixtures, which was previously difficult to accomplish.

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