Shimadzu’s XRD-6100 OneSight and XRD-7000 OneSight X-Ray Diffractometers Incorporating a OneSight New Wide-Range High-Speed Detector 1280-Channel Detector Enables High-Speed and High-Sensitivity Analysis

On March 11, Shimadzu releases XRD-6100 OneSight and XRD-7000 OneSight X-ray diffractometers equipped with the OneSight new wide-range high-speed detector. OneSight offers a higher number of detection channels, over 100 times higher peak intensity and 25 times faster measurement speeds than conventional scintillation detectors.

By irradiating samples with X-rays and measuring the diffraction pattern of characteristic X-rays diffracted in the sample, X-ray diffractometers obtain a wide range of information related to the crystalline structure of substances, such as for determining the type of crystal system and degree of crystallization. They can also be used for qualitative and quantitative analysis focused on specific diffraction peaks. X-ray diffractometers are used for research, development, and quality control applications in a wide variety of fields, such as metals, ceramics, the environment, and pharmaceuticals.

The XRD-6100 OneSight and XRD-7000 OneSight feature an array detector with 1280 channels, which provides over 100 times higher peak intensity than previous scintillation detectors. Consequently, the detector captures diffracted X-rays from wider angles, which makes it even more convenient for qualitative and quantitative analysis and significantly shortens analysis times.

Newly developed software maximizes measurement convenience and ease of operation. Incorporating greater functionality, the software provides higher analytical productivity for customers.

In particular, high-speed X-ray diffraction analysis is required in the field of quality control and material analysis, such as analyzing asbestos with the development of infrastructure including reconstruction of buildings, strict quality control of generic medicines, and morphological analysis used for measuring reaction or lifetime evaluation of catalysis.

The detector is also being offered separately as an optional unit to accommodate the needs of users with existing XRD-6100 and XRD-7000 systems.


1. 1280-Channel Wide Detector Features a One-Shot Function

The OneSight new wide-range high-speed detector has linear elements with 1280 channels whereas conventional scintillation detectors have only one channel per element. Consequently, the OneSight is able to simultaneously detect diffracted X-rays from a wider range of angles. In addition, the wider incident angle range enables a one-shot function for measurement of samples with a fixed goniometer*. This allows capturing diffraction patterns from a wide range of angles at the same time, significantly reducing measurement times.

*Goniometer: Main body of XRD to determine the angles of irradiated or diffracted X-rays

2. Three Measurement Modes for Shorter Qualitative Analysis Times

The OneSight features three measurement modes—high-resolution, standard, and high-speed. This allows optimizes the system for a wide range of qualitative analyses by changing the measurement sensitivity or resolution level depending on the application or measurement objectives. If sensitivity is kept equivalent to conventional scintillation detectors, the OneSight can perform high-speed measurement 10 times faster in the high-resolution mode, 15 times faster in the standard mode, and 25 times faster in the high-speed mode.

3. Newly Developed Software Provides Higher Operability

The measurement screens in the software have been completely redesigned for improved usability. By displaying all necessary information within one window, it is easy to monitor the measurement status at a glance.

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