Shimadzu Partners with Miyazaki Prefecture in Establishing an Incorporated Association to Analyze Food Safety

Shimadzu Corporation has established an incorporated association in partnership with Miyazaki Prefecture to analyze the safety of food. The association will undertake analyses of residual pesticides in agricultural and food products. The opening ceremony was held on November 5 at the Miyazaki Agricultural Research Institute, and was attended by the Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture, Shunji Kouno, and by Kozo Miseki, Deputy General Manager of the Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division, Shimadzu Corporation. About 30 people participated in the event.

Miyazaki Prefecture is one of Japan's major food supply areas, and already has in place a top-level inspection system called the "Miyazaki Method," which utilizes a unique technology for analyzing residual pesticides. The prefecture has been successful in branding several of its agricultural products. The incorporated association was established with the goal of applying the analysis technology widely within the agricultural and food industries, both inside and outside Miyazaki Prefecture, in order to contribute to the improvement of food safety and to the development of industry.

The incorporated association has installed the first unit of the Nexera UC supercritical fluid extraction/chromatography system, which was developed by Shimadzu Corporation with the assistance of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and in collaboration with Osaka University, Kobe University and Miyazaki Prefecture. The Nexera UC features technology patented by Miyazaki Prefecture, and offers not only complete automation of the analysis processes, including sample preparation, but also extremely high sensitivity. The system has significantly shortened the turn-around-time from test acceptance through to production of the report.

At the opening ceremony, Governor Kouno greeted attendees saying "I hope that we will be able to continue our joint research into residual pesticide analysis and functional ingredients, allowing Miyazaki to contribute to the availability of safer food products and to consumers' greater peace of mind." Deputy General Manager Miseki said "It is truly an honor for Shimadzu that the Nexera UC is able to play such a role in ensuring food safety based on science and technology."

Outline of the Incorporated Association


5805 Shimonaka, Sadowara-cho, Miyazaki 880-0212, Japan
Miyazaki Agricultural Research Institute


October 27, 2015


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