Shimadzu’s Nexera MX Ultra Fast Multianalyte LCMS System Offers Excellent Operational Efficiency and Up to Double the Previous Sample Processing Capability

Shimadzu has released the new Nexera MX ultra-fast multianalyte LCMS system, which offers up to double the sample processing capability of conventional liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer (LCMS) systems. The Nexera MX features two analytical flow lines in a single LCMS system. This setup maximizes operating efficiency by alternating between the two lines for injecting samples. Capable of rapidly processing large numbers of samples, the Nexera MX will help improve the workflow of customers.

Background to the Development

The processing sequence in LCMS-based analysis involves sample aspiration and injection, target component elution and detection, and analytical column rinsing and equilibration. In this process, the mass spectrometer must wait in standby mode except during data acquisition. Therefore, demands have increased for LCMS systems that offer maximum uptime while minimizing the time required for steps other than data acquisition.

The Nexera MX satisfies such needs by combining the superior high-speed analytical performance of Shimadzu LCMS systems with an autosampler designed with a unique flow line structure and high-speed sample injection capability. This combination dramatically improves analytical efficiency and improves ease-of-operation.

New Product Features

1. Flow Line Design Optimized for Rapid Analysis of Large Numbers of Samples

The Nexera MX features two independent analytical flow lines, so that one line can be used to perform LCMS analysis while the other line is busy equilibrating the analytical column and preparing to inject the next sample. This configuration maximizes the efficiency of LCMS data acquisition.

The system also includes the high-speed SIL-30ACMP autosampler, which is capable of injecting samples in as little as seven seconds. This eliminates the previous bottleneck involved in processing large numbers of samples. The autosampler also minimizes carryover to nearly zero, so that the next sample can be aspirated and injected without rinsing. Consequently, it allows continuous analysis at a cycle time of 20 seconds per sample.

2. User Interface Significantly Improves Analytical Workflow

Each operating button in MX Solution, the dedicated software for the Nexera MX system, is arranged in a visual, easy-to-understand layout. This enables reliably performing the entire series of analytical operations, from starting up the system to registering and analyzing samples and shutting down the system. This user-friendly interface ensures that even those with little experience using analytical instruments can operate the system intuitively, smoothly, and with minimal human error.

3. Easy to Analyze Massive Amounts of LCMS Data

The Nexera MX system also includes LabSolutions Insight software, which provides assistance with quantitative analysis of a large volume of data. The software not only helps quickly extract measurement results for target compounds from the massive amounts of LCMS data generated, it can also automatically display quantitative results color-coded in five levels for each concentration range. This allows quickly screening samples for the presence of target compounds, abnormal values, or other determination.


Nexera MX Ultra Fast Multianalyte LCMS System (with LCMS-8060 detector)

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