Shimadzu Presentation Digest at ASMS 2017

ASMS 2017

ASMS 2017 has duly concluded. We hope you had the opportunity to attend our events to learn how Shimadzu Mass Spectrometry solutions are being applied to a variety of analytical challenges by scientists around the world.

If you are interested in any of the scientific posters presented at ASMS 2017 by our research group and partners, please access the files listed below by clicking the titles and completing registration to literature service on the website. Registration is free, simple and only takes a few minutes.

Food, Beverages ■Pharmaceutical, Life Science ■Clinical research, Forensics ■Metabolomics ■Instrumentation ■Environment ■Textile ■GC/MS: Instrumentation and Applications


■ Food, Beverages

Analysis of toxic elements in processed milk products using ICP-MS ICPMS-2030
Ultra-fast screening of pesticides in foods and agricultural products with desorption corona beam ionization (DCBI) tandem mass spectrometry LCMS-8040
Highly sensitive and rapid analysis of synthetic dyes in sea food by LC/MS/MS LCMS-8045
Multi-residual quantitative analytical method for antibiotics in sea food by LC/MS/MS LCMS-8040
Fully automated derivatization and quantification of Glyphosate and AMPA in beer using a standard UHPLC-MS/MS system LCMS-8060
High-throughput comprehensive analysis of trace D- and L- amino acids using extra-facile chiral separation and column switching LCMS-8050
Sensitive and Fast Measurement of Aminoglycoside Antibiotics in Milk, Meat or Eggs by HILIC-MS/MS and Identification using MRM Spectrum Mode LCMS-8060
Development of Sensitive and Selective Methods for Identification of Marine Toxins by Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry LCMS-8050
Widely-targeted Metabolomic profiling for wines by LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS measurement LCMS-8060
Simultaneous Analysis of Water-soluble and Fat-soluble Vitamins in Fish by Novel SFC-MS/MS Method LCMS-8050
Simultaneous Analysis of Water-soluble and Fat-soluble Vitamins in Fish by Reversed-Phase LC-MS/MS Method LCMS-8060
An ultrafast LC/MS/MS method for characterization and quantitation of Triton X-100 extracted from palm oil LCMS-8060
Simultaneous analysis of major allergens in food matrices by high sensitive mass spectrometer LCMS-8050
Application of SFC-MS/MS for the quantification of highly polar pesticides in a range of food samples LCMS-8060
Multi-residue analysis of 18 regulated mycotoxins by LC-MS/MS LCMS-8060
Multi-residue veterinary drug analysis of >200 compounds using MRM Spectrum mode by LC-MS/MS LCMS-8060
Applying ‘MRM Spectrum Mode’ and Library Searching for Enhanced Reporting Confidence in Routine Pesticide Residue Analysis LCMS-8060

■ Pharmaceutical, Life Science


■ Clinical research, Forensics

MALDI MS profiling of serum extracts to identify Galactomannan Enzyme Immunoassay False Positivity via Immunoglobulin Products MALDI-8020
A Simplified Expedited Screening of Haemoglobinopathy and Pre-Diabetes in Whole Blood Using MALDI MS MALDI-8020
LC-MS/MS quantitative method development of Herceptin based on selective hydrolysis (nSMOL) technology and Skyline software LCMS-8060
Highly sensitive quantitative analysis of Budesonide from plasma using LC/MS/MS LCMS-8060
Highly sensitive simultaneous quantitative analysis of estrone and equilin from plasma using LC/MS/MS LCMS-8060
MRM-based validation assay for serum proteomic alterations in meningioma patients LCMS-8050
High-sensitivity and simultaneous analysis of Psychoactive drugs using LC-MS/MS with full-automated pretreatment system LCMS-8060
Strategies for Multiple-Target Screening using LC-MS/MS with Merged Spectrum Database for Forensic Toxicology LCMS-8060
Analytical method development for widely targeted perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs) and their precursors in plasma using multi-gradient eluent system by LC-MS/MS LCMS-8060
Determination of Unbound Urinary Amino Acids Incorporated with Creatinine Normalization by LC-MS/MS Method with CLAM-2000 Online Sample Pre-treatment CLAM-2000
A Novel Platform of On-line Sample Pre-treatment and LC/MS/MS Analysis for Screening and Quantitation of Illicit Drugs in Urine
Quantitative Analysis of β-Lactam Antibiotics in Human Plasma by High Sensitivity LC/MS/MS Method LCMS-8060
Solid Phase Extraction and SFC-MS/MS Method for Analysis of Aflatoxins M1, M2, B1, B2, G1 and G2 in Milk Powders LCMS-8050
A High Sensitivity LC/MS/MS Method for Quantitative Analysis of Eight Antifungal Drugs in Human Serum LCMS-8060
Quantitative clinical toxicological screening comparing Library ID from production scan MS/MS to MRM Spectrum mode ID LCMS-8060
Toxicological screening for over 1000 compounds in an MRM based acquisition for Library ID in whole blood samples LCMS-8060

■ Metabolomics


■ Instrumentation


■ Environment


■ Textile


■ GC/MS: Instrumentation and Applications


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