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Release of Three Semi-Micro Analytical Balances

Shimadzu announces the addition of three high-sensitivity semi-micro analytical balances to its AP-W series lineup. The new models, AP135W, AP125WD, and AP225WD, feature a minimum reading of 0.01 mg (1/100000th of a gram).

These new models take approximately two seconds to obtain a final measurement reading, enabling high-speed measurement. They are also equipped with a buffer solution preparation function to assist the concentration adjustment and mixing for customers using high performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC). In addition, once they are connected to the Shimadzu LabSolutions Balance measurement data management system, integrated data management can be performed with other Shimadzu analytical instruments in an environment that complies with electronic record and electronic signature regulations.

In addition, incorporating the optional STABLO-AP ionizer in the balance will eliminate, in approximately one second, static electricity that can affect measurements, thus heightening the reliability of the measurement results.

Background to the Development

Analytical balances are mainly used to weigh reagents and other chemicals necessary when using analytical instruments. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and chemical manufacturers perform measurements on the order of 0.01 mg. Accordingly, in addition to quick and reliable measurements, analytical balances need functionality supporting efficient analysis, as well as management functions to comply with a variety of regulations.

In order to meet such needs, Shimadzu has developed semi-micro models, which can take measurements on the order of 0.01 mg within a few seconds, while inheriting conventionally popular functions, such as an automatic weight calculation function. These analytical balances are applicable in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and food products.


1. Achieves High-Speed Measurements

The UniBloc AP integrated aluminum mass sensor incorporates new digital control technology. This technology shortens the time until the final measurement value is reached during trace quantity measurements to approximately two seconds, which is about 1/5th the time for previous models. Engineered to resist temperature changes and disturbances, this highly durable mass sensor enables long-term stable measurements. Furthermore, the Shimadzu STABLO-AP ionizer can be incorporated in the balance to eliminate, in approximately one second, static electricity that can affect measurements, for more reliable measurement results.

2. Safe, Integrated Data Management and a Variety of Functions to Support HPLC Analysis

These analytical balances can be incorporated into the Shimadzu network system using the LabSolutions Balance measurement data management system. This enables integrated data management with a variety of analytical instruments, in an environment that complies with various standards and regulations, including ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 for manufacturing industries and inspection organizations, GLP/GMP for the pharmaceutical industry, and the United States Pharmacopeia. In addition, for users of HPLC and other analytical instruments, these balances are equipped with functionality that shows the substances to measure and their weights in accordance with registered recipes, as well as functionality to automatically calculate the weight values required to prepare solutions with specified concentrations. The balances are preregistered with recipes for 13 buffer solutions used most frequently with HPLC, thereby making pre-analysis work more efficient.

3. Easy-to-Operate User Interface

To achieve intuitive operation, the balances adopt a high-visibility organic EL display with three language selections: English, Japanese, and Chinese. The USB connector allows a commercially available USB keyboard or barcode reader to be connected to the main unit, enabling data to be saved directly to a USB flash drive. Registered sample names or IDs can be associated with measurement values for highly convenient data management.

Specifications for the Three New Models

AP135W Analytical Balance: Max. weighing capacity: 135 g / Min. reading: 0.01 mg
AP225WD Analytical Balance: Max. weighing capacity: 220 g / Min. reading: 0.1 mg
Max. weighing capacity: 102 g / Min. reading: 0.01 mg
AP125WD Analytical Balance: Max. weighing capacity: 120 g / Min. reading: 0.1 mg
Max. weighing capacity: 52 g / Min. reading: 0.01 mg

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