Shimadzu is pleased to advise you of the update of Shimadzu Application News for a wide range of applications/topics using our unique technologies and instrumentation.

The new literatures cover topics as listed below.
Shimadzu updated solutions help you address your unique requirement.

FTIR Pharmaceutical Excipient Identification Test Using IR Pilot™
UV Quality Control of Film and Filter - Application of Spectra Evaluation Function of LabSolutions™ UV-Vis -
UV Spectrometry in Low-Temperature State - Utilization of CoolSpeK -
UV Micro-Volume Measurement of Food Dye and Amino Acid Compound - Application of TrayCell and NanoStick -
UV Quantitation of Nucleic Acids - Trace Measurement Using TrayCell and Nano Stick -
UV Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometry Under JP/EP - Use of Evaluation Function of LabSolutions™ UV-Vis -
LCMS LC-MS Bioanalysis of Antibody Drugs Using Fab-Selective Proteolysis nSMOL - Part 5
- Instrument comparison of precision and accuracy -
GC An Examination of the Effects of High/Low Column Cooling Rates Using Nexis™ GC-2030
NDI Observation of Automotive Computer Using inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR X-Ray CT System
TOC TN and NOx Measurement for a Denitration System
TOC Cleaning Validation of Food Production Equipment by TOC and TN Measurement
EPMA Observation and Analysis of Fractured Surfaces of Metal Materials through Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing
SPM Evaluation of Fiber Length and Dispersibility of Mono-Dispersed Cellulose Nanofibers
TA/FTIR Analysis of Resin Using FTIR and Thermal Analysis - "Silent Change" -
EDX X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Residual Catalysts
EDX Quantitative Analysis of Film Thicknesses of Multi-Layer Plating Used on Cards
EDX X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Light Elements in Liquid Samples - EDX-8100 and Helium Purge Unit -