Testing Machine Configurator

Shimadzu Testing Machine Configurator, a software program that recommends a testing system configuration that matches a customer's requirements.

Introduce Testing Machine Configurator


The configurator is simple to operate, and by providing answers to just a few questions, users can verify a testing system configuration and request a quotation.

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Shimadzu recommends the Testing Machine Configurator for users who need to perform the following kinds of work.

- Perform material tests, such as tensile, compression, bending, shear, and peeling tests, but do not know what system configuration are suitable.

- Perform tests in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards but do not know which system is suitable for a specific test.

- Design a testing setup configured to their own specific needs.

Using the Testing Machine Configurator enables customers to find solutions to the following needs.

・Quickly find an example of a testing system configuration suitable for the material being testing.


• Find examples of testing system configurations that conform to ISO, ASTM, and other standards*1 immediately.

*1 List of standards currently supported by the Testing Machine Configurator

[ASTM] A370, C1499-01, C297, C633, D143, D1623, D1781, D1894, D2344, D2519, D3167, D3410, D3574, D3846, D4255, D429 A, D4833, D5034, D5045, D5379, D5528, D638, D6641, D6671, D695, D7137, D732, D790, F1264 A1, F1306, F2606

[ISO] 13935-2, 1421, 178, 1920, 29862, 34-1, 37, 527-1, 527-3, 527-5, 6872, 6892, 8295

[JIS] A5536, A5905, A6921, K6911, R1639-6

[AMS] C7438, [BS EN] 196-1, [DIN] VDA238-100, [DIN EN] 1561, [NBR] 14992, [SEM] G86-0303


• Easily create their own specific testing system configurations.


• Confirm the testing system configuration and submit requests for quotations online. There is no need to make telephone inquiries.

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Testing Machine Configurator


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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