iSpect DIA-10

Dynamic Particle Image Analysis System

Reliable Particle Detection System

The system utilizes a microcell and advanced optics to accurately and efficiently detect particles. Using normal lenses, the apparent size of particles can be affected by the depth of the particle relative to the lens. The iSpect DIA-10 uses a telecentric lens that maintains a constant image magnification. This means that no matter where the particle is located in the field of vision, the system will accurately determine the size of the particle. The autofocus function increases the imaging efficiency*1 which makes it possible to accurately detect foreign objects and obtain repeatable number concentration.

*1: The ratio of the number of sample particle images acquired to the number of particles in the sample that has flowed through the system.


Efficient Image Acquisition

The microcell increases image acquisition efficiency by passing particles through a narrow imaging area, which optimizes the number of particles observed. Compared with a conventional cell and lens, the microcell clearly shows particle images and fewer particles pass outside of the lateral imaging area. This makes it possible to reliably detect particles and obtain highly repeatable number concentration (Coefficient of Variation (CV) ±5 %*2).

*2: When measured using a Shimadzu standard sample. Depends on the sample.


Example of Number Concentration Measurement

Results of 6 Measurements (The mark is the mean, and the error bar is the standard deviation)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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