iSpect DIA-10

Dynamic Particle Image Analysis System

Unprecedented Functionality and Performance

Trace Sample Measurement

The system can measure sample as small as 50 μL, enabling it to handle trace samples. Samples can be set directly onto the system using a general disposable pipette tip to transfer a sample from a container. This allows simple operation while preventing contamination.


Flow Path Design Provides Small Dead Volume

Microcells with small internal volumes and small dead volume (less than 50 μL) enable cleaning solution to be reduced.


Reduced Use of Organic Solvents 

The flow path has excellent resistance to organic solvents. Because of the small amount of organic solvent needed for measurement and cleaning, the system reduces waste and minimizes environmental impact.


Autofocus Function for Easy Operation

The autofocus function eliminates the need for troublesome focusing and no flow of sample particles is required. By automating the focusing, data variation between operators is prevented, making measurement both easy and stable.


Compact, Easy to Install Design

The compact design (the measurement unit is about 22 cm wide and the pump unit is about 10 cm wide) allows installation in a small space.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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