Cyclone Injection Type Dry Measurement Unit

Cyclone type sample suction mechanism has been developed. Strong double dispersion process of suction and injection can be used. Measurement with high precision, high sensitivity, high reproducibility and high resolution

Samples to be applied

  • Sample easily dissolved (medicine, powder foods)
  • Sample easily agglomerated (magnetized particles)

Strong points

  • SALD-DS5 can be used with the SALD-2201 and SALD-3101.
  • The combination can be selected from 3 types of sample suction mechanisms (cyclone type, one shot type and hand shot type) and 3 types of injection nozzles, considering the property and amount of sample particles.
  • When the cyclone type is used, sample is sucked from the vial, which is rotated and moved upward, injected from the injection nozzle, and measured. The double dispersion process of suction and injection enables measurement with good reproducibility whenever samples contain many agglomerates. Use of the vial can prevent the scattering of sample and dirt from the operator’s hands.
  • When the one shot type is used, putting the sample into a small hopper is the only operation required for measuring. This type is suitable for a small sample amount.
  • When the hand shot type is used, sample can be sucked from the beaker or chartula directly to measure it.

    * Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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