Measurement of Particle Size Distribution Allows measurements using measurement assistant function (interactive process based on SOP)
Refractive Index Setting Automatic refractive index calculation function makes setting the refractive index easy.
Real-Time Display of Particle Size Distribution Min. 1-second intervals
Real-Time Display of Light Intensity Distribution Min. 1-second intervals
Display of Particle Size Distribution Data Displays overlay of max. 200 distributions
Recalculation of Particle Size Distribution Displays overlay of max. 200 distributions
Diagnostics/Adjustments Batch recalculation of max. 200 distributions
Diagnostics/Adjustments Self-diagnostic function and cell check function
Statistical Data Processing Max. 200 sets of data (also allows overlaying max. 200 data sets)
Time-Series Processing Max. 200 sets of data
3-Dimensional Graphing Max. 200 sets of data
Data Transfer via Clipboard [Image Output]: Outputs entire data sheet or graph only.
[Text Output]: Outputs summary data, particle size distribution data, or light intensity distribution data.
Data Sorting Sorts by file name, sample ID, sample number, or refractive index
Report Function Single data sets (6 templates), overlaid data (5 templates), statistical data, time-series data,
or 3D data can be selected and output using batch processing
Output Conditions
Particle Size (μm) Divisions Fixed 51 or 101 divisions User settable 51 divisions
Particle Amount (%) Divisions Fixed 49 divisions User settable 51 divisions
Distribution Basis Count, length, area, or volume  
Expression of Cumulative Distribution Oversized or undersized  
Expression of Frequency Distribution q、q/Δx、q/Δlog x  
Smoothing Levels 10 levels  
Distribution Function Fitting Rosin-Rammler distribution, logarithmic Gaussian distribution  
Data Shifting ±10 levels  
Data Analysis Functions
Particle Size (μm) Divisions Evaluates scattering characteristics within micro angle regions for samples such as optical films and sheets.
Data Emulation Functions Emulates measurement results from other instruments and measurement principles, using SALD series measurement results.
Mixture Data Simulation Function Simulates particle size distributions using any mixture ratio of multiple particle size distributions.
Data Connection Function Combines two particle size distributions with different measurement ranges at any particle size point
to create a single particle size distribution

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