Last update: May 9, 2022 GMT

Name P/N Qty
Visible Objective Lens (×20) 1
Visible Objective Lens (×10) 1
Sampling Kit 1
Diamond Cell C and CII
Name P/N Appearance Qty Remarks
CII Screw for CII 208-92289-14 3
CII Plate 208-92289-13 1
Holder with Diamond Window for CII 208-92289-11 1 Artificial diamond

Note 1: Can be used on Diamond Cell C (208-92236) as well.
Note 2: The photo shows Diamond Cell CII (208-92289-01).

Infrared Microscope (AIM-9000/8800/8000R/8000)
Name P/N Qty Applicable model Links Applicable models
Flat Mirror, P(Φ13)-FR 1 AIM9000
Vinyl Cover 1 AIM8800
Sample Table 1 AIM8800
Fixing pin hall, 1.0 mm 1 AIM8000
Funnel ASSY 1 AIM9000
Lid, MCT 1 AIM9000
Guard Plate 1 AIM9000
Mirror Holder 1 AIM9000

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