LAB CENTER XRF-1800 - Applications

Sequential X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

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Mapping of Rare Earth Ore by XRF-1800

The sample is the ore of the rare earth Bastnasite. The red circle indicates the approximately 30 mm-diameter mapping range.

The La and Ce distributions are identical but the Ca and Ba distributions are each different. This indicates that the ore contains at least three types of mineral.





Analysis of a Brake Pad

The MgKα first-order line and CaKα third-order line are overlapped in the first-order X-ray profile.

In the higher-order X-ray profile, however, the CaKα third-order line is displayed more intensely, as higher-order lines are intensified in higher-order X-ray profiles.

The effect of the higher-order line can be seen at a glance.

(In the diagram, blue indicates a first-order X-ray profile and red indicates a higher-order X-ray profile.)

Film Thickness Measurement and Thin Film Analysis

Background FP is a method that adds scattered (background) X-ray intensity calculations to the fluorescent X-ray (net peak) intensity calculations of the conventional FP method. The film thickness of a high-polymer film sample can be measured by calculating the X-ray intensity of one type of scattered X-rays, the Rh Kα Compton scattered X-rays, because the Compton scattering intensity is inversely proportional to the sample density and directly proportional to the sample thickness.

Analysis of coated metal sheet

Analysis of capacitor film