MAXima_X XRD-7000 - Features

X-ray Diffractometer

High precision goniometer

MAXima_X XRD-7000

High precision vertical θ-θ goniometer that can accept up to 400mm (w) x 5500mm (d) x 400mm (h) maximum.

Various search result data can be displayed.

Various application of residual austenite quantitation, environmental quantitative analysis, precise lattice constant determination, degree of crystallinity calculations, crystallite size and crystal strain calculations, crystal system determination, rietveld analysis, other software based crystal structure analysis as well as basic qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis.

Analysis of Brake Roter

Automatic Stress Mapping System

Large R-θ stage can accept sample up to 350 mm diameter and 190 mm thickness. Automatic stress mapping is possible.

Set the sample position on the R-θ stage map and start the analysis to perform the automatic mapping measurements and automatic stress analysis calculations. Separate measurement results can be superimposed. The stress analysis results can be displayed as a map.

The diagram below shows a stress map for a brake rotor. The Fe211 distribution is obvious at a glance.

Sample of stress mapping image

Polycapillary Optical System

The powerful parallel beam produced by the polycapillary unit can be used in a wider range applications, such as for uneven samples.(option)

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