OneSight - Features

Wide-Range High-Speed Detector for XRD-6100/7000

Wide-Range Silicon Strip Detector Achieves High-Speed, High-Sensitivity Performance

The OneSight consists of a semiconductor Si sensor array. The OneSight can also perform wide-angle range measurement without a scanning goniometer for significantly higher throughput. It can be easily mounted on existing XRD-6100/7000 units at customers’ sites*.


It is necessary to set up the OneSight parameters during the initial installation. It may be necessary to update the software and hardware. For more details, please contact your representative.


Wide-Range Array Detector with 1280 Channels

Scintillation detector has only one channel at one point whereas the Si sensor array in the OneSight has 1280 channels on a Wide-Range array. This enables diffraction profile at wide range angle to be captured at once.

High-Speed Quantitative Analysis using Three Types of Measurement Modes

The OneSight features three kinds of measurement modes: High Resolution, Standard, and Fast. It enables measurements speeds 10 times faster (high resolution), 15 times faster (standard), and 25 times faster (fast) than those attained with a scintillation detector.

ONE SHOT Function Achieves Simultaneous Measurement of Diffraction Profile at a Wide Range Angle

The OneSight can perform a simultaneous diffraction profile measurement at a more than 10 deg. angle range without a scanning goniometer.
This is useful for quantitative when using a specified diffraction peak.


Standard Sample Data of Asbestos (Chrysotile)
(30 sec. measurement time per sample)

State-of-the-art User Interface Enhances Operational Efficiency

The measurement software for the OneSight adopts a new design. The analytical profile and schedule display are located in the center, the analytical conditions list and machine status display are indicated on the left, and the detailed analysis conditions display is shown on the right. This new design makes it easy for a user to understand the measurement status at a glance. It is also possible to change the arrangement.

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