Shimadzu Nexera series Driver for Multi-Vendor Software - Features

Prevent mistakes caused by running out of mobile phase

Prevent mistakes caused by running out of mobile phase

Using the MPM-40 mobile phase monitor, it is possible to check levels of mobile phase, autosampler rinse solution etc. in real time (up to 12 bottles). Remaining volumes can be monitored from the status panel of this driver software or from a smart device. You can receive advance notifications to your PC or smart device if the mobile phase is likely to become depleted, preventing costly mistakes in analysis.

Analyze one sample in two flow paths simultaneously (dual injection)

Using the dual injection function* of the SIL-40 autosampler series, it is possible to carry out two separate simultaneous analyses on one system, saving space and time. Flow paths can be constructed for a variety of analyses – amino acids, organic acids, sugars, vitamins, positive or negative ions, etc.


* Samples used for analysis are limited to a single vial.

Automated pretreatment programs save labor and increase reliability

A range of pretreatment programs for the SIL-40 series includes functions for dilution, addition, co-injection, etc. Automation prevents human error and increases repeatability as well as improving overall workflow efficiency.

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