Shimadzu Technical Report Update for LC and LC-MS(/MS)

Thank you for your interest in Shimadzu's Technical Report. Herewith we are pleased to share with you our technical reports describes details of Shimadzu's LC and LC-MS(/MS) product's features and benefits sprinkled with analysis data.

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C190-E250 Evaluating the Performance of the LotusStream Gas-Liquid Separator for Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
C190-E248 HIC-ESP Anion Chromatograph Equipped with the ICDS-40A High-Performance Suppressor
C190-E247 Improved Efficiency of Isomer Preparative Operations by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography with Stacked Injection
C190-E246 Optimization of Analytical Conditions, and Scale-up from Analytical to Preparative Scale Using Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
C190-E245 New Analytical Intelligence Concept -Support for Automating Analytical Operations
C190-E243 Using i-PeakFinder™, an Automatic Peak Integration Algorithm, to Provide Labor Savings and Improve the Efficiency of Analytical Operations -Example of its Application to Organic Acid Analysis-
C190-E241 Eliminating the Effects of Room Temperature Fluctuations Using the Advanced TC-Optics Function in the SPD-M40 Photodiode Array Detector - Improving Baseline Stability and Analytical Precision
C190-E240 Improving Peak Shape Using the Automatic Pretreatment Function (Co-Injection) in the SIL-40 Series Autosamplers
C190-E239 Heightened Analytical Efficiency and Integrated Management of Multifaceted Data Using the Dual Injection Function in the SIL-40 Series Autosampler
C190-E237 High-Speed Analysis of Organic Acids Using Shim-pack Fast-OA and pH-Buffered Electrical Conductivity Detection
C190-E235 Increased Analysis Throughput by Overlapped Injection Using the SIL-40 series Autosampler
C190-E233 Improved Linearity and Quantification Using the SPD-M40 Photodiode Array Detector
C190-E228 Ultra-Fast Analysis of Drugs in Biological Fluids with the SIL-40 Autosampler
C190-E227 Fully Automated Workflow for HPLC Analysis Using Automatic Startup with FlowPilot Function
- Analytical Intelligence Part 3 -
C190-E226 Maximizing Analytical Efficiency with Real-time Measurement of Mobile Phase Consumption
- Analytical Intelligence Part 2 -
C190-E225 Use of Solvent Delivery Unit Equipped with Auto-diagnostics and Auto-recovery Functions to Enhance Lab Productivity
- Analytical Intelligence Part 1 -
C190-E212 Improving Separation and Method Development Ef ciency Using the Nexera UC/s UHPLC/SFC Switching System
C191-E046 Improving Efficiency in the Preparation of Test Reports for Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control (CMC) Using Multi Data Report
C146-E362 Development of a Spectrum Library of Endocrine Disruptors by LCMS-IT-TOF
C146-E354 Development of the Micro-ESI 8060 Micro-Flow Ionization Unit To Provide Both High Sensitivity and High Robustness
C191-E044 A New Peak Integration Algorithm for LabSolutions
C146-E340 LCMS Bioanalysis of Antibody Drugs Using Fab-selective Proteolysis "nSMOL Method"
-Selection of Signature Peptide -
C191-E042 New Data Processing Method for Photodiode Array Detectors Principle and Overview of Intelligent Peak Deconvolution Analysis (i-PDeA II)
C190-E211 Ultra Fast Method Scouting (2) - Maximizing the Efficiency of Method Development
C190-E205 Online Supercritical Fluid Extraction-Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (Online SFE-SFC)
C191-E041 Data Integrity Compliance Using the LabSolutions Report Set
C190-E204 Improving Method Transfer by Adjustment of Gradient Delay
C190-E202 Effective Analysis Management Achieved by Method Transfer between HPLC and UHPLC
C190-E200 Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
C190-E199 Improved Sample Pretreatment Using Offline Supercritical Fluid Extraction
C191-E035 Usability Enhancements to the LabSolutions Manual Integration Function
C190-E181 Stop-flow Comprehensive Two-dimensional Liquid Chromatography Combined with Mass Spectrometric Detection for Phospholipid Analysis
C146-E268 Structural Analysis of Glycosphingolipids by LC-IT-TOF-MS
C190-E180 Continuous vs. Segmented Second Dimension System Gradients for Comprehensive Two-dimensional liquid Chromatography of Sugarcane (Saccharum spp.)
C190-E179 2-Dimensional Separation of Triacylglycerols in Borago Officinalis Using the Shimadzu 2D-LC System Coupled to an Evaporative Light Scattering Detector and IT-TOF
C190-E178 Comprehensive Two-dimensional Liquid Chromatography for Determination of Polyphenols in Red Wines
C190-E177 Comprehensive Two-dimensional Liquid Chromatography/Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry: the Perfect Marriage
C146-E297 Development of UF-Qarray™ RF Ion Guide with Improved Ion Focusing Capability
C190-E176 On-line Comprehensive RP-LCxRP-LC/IT-TOF for the Analysis of Proteome Isoforms
C190-E175 Off-line LC-GCxGC-MS: A Powerful Approach for Highly Detailed Analysis of Essential Oils
C190-E174 Determination of MOSH Contamination in Baby Foods by Using LC-GC and LC-GCxGC-MS
C190-E170 Rapid Method Scouting of Chiral Compounds
C146-E219 Development of a Comprehensive Detection Method of Eicosanoids and Platelet Activating Factor Using Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
C146-E230 Analysis of Pesticides in Food Matrix using QuEChERS by Triple Quadrupole GC/MS/MS and LC/MS/MS
jpo113017 Multi-Residue Analysis of 210 Pesticides in Food Samples by Triple Quadrupole UHPLC-MS/MS
C190-E167 New Data Processing Method for Photodiode Array Detector
C190-E166 Fractional Determination of Co-eluted Compounds Using a New Data Processing Method for Photodiode Array Detector
C190-E159 Improved R&D Efficiency Through Speedier Method Development (3)
C190-E158 Ultra Fast Method Scouting − Maximizing Efficiency for Method Development −
C146-E186 Screening and Individual Quantitative Works of Regulated Substances in Food Using Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer LCMS-8030
C190-E155 Using a Phenyl Column When Separation with C18 (ODS) Is Insufficient
C190-E153 Security Measures for Protecting the Reliability of Measurement Data
C146-E176 Effects of Polarity Switching in High Speed LCMS Analysis
C190-E152 Auto Dilution of Standard and Sample Solutions Using the SIL-30AC Autosampler
C146-E158A Screening Analysis Using Accurate Mass Data and MetID Solution
C190-E148 Causes and Measures for Addressing Ghost Peaks in Reversed Phase HPLC Analysis
C190-E144 High-Sensitivity Quantitative Analysis of Trace-Level Impurities and Active Ingredients with HPLC
C146-E154A Profiling Analysis of Polysulfide Silane Coupling Agent
C146-E148A Achieving Ultra-High-Speed Analysis with LC/MS/MS
C190-E140 Internal Standard Addition During Pretreatment Using SIL-30AC
C146-E149A Improved Drug Impurity ID Efficiency under CMC using 2-D LC/MS
C190-E137 LabSolutions Batch Analysis - Bringing Greater Automation to Analysis Operations
C196-E136 Using LabSolutions Browser Function for Improved Efficiency & Data Analysis
C190-E133 RF-20A Fluorescence Detector Basics and Applications
C190-E132 Dual Ion Source DUIS-2020 for Simultaneous ESI and APCI Measurement
C190-E130 Improved R&D Efficiency Through Speedier Method Development (2)
C190-E128 Improved R&D Efficiency Through Speedier Method Development (1)
C190-E127 Basic Techniques of Preparative Liquid Chromatography and Approaches to Efficiency Improvement (1)
C146-E130 Improved R&D Efficiency in Compound Synthesis, Confirmation and Purification
C146-E129 Open Solution: Open Access Environment by Web Browser
C191-E014 Agent Report: Limiting Report Creation Risks Through Automatic Integration of Various Types of Data
C146-E128 Accurate Mass Measurement of High Concentration Samples by LCMS-IT-TOF
C190-E125 GPC-MALDI Analysis of Trace Components in Synthetic Polymers
C190-E123 Reduced Solvent Consumption and Operational Costs with Existing LC Systems
C190-E120 Reduced Solvent Consumption and Operational Costs with Ultra High Speed Analysis
C190-E119 Reducing Analysis Limitations by Using Multiple Detectors with Ultra Fast LC
C146-E126 Structural Analysis of Reserpine Degradation Products by LCMS-IT-TOF
C146-E125 LCMS-2020 - Reduces Limitations of HPLC Analysis and UFLC Analysis
C190-E115 Prominence nano System and Applications
C190-E113 HPLC Techniques to Improve LCMS Performance and Productivity
C146-E118 Structural Analysis by In-Depth Impurity Search Using MetID Solution and High Accuracy MS/MS
C146-E114 Selecting Detectors for Compounds with No Optical Absorbance
C146-E115 Analytical Instrument Validation According to Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000)
C146-E113 Introduction to MetID Solution Software for Structural Elucidation of Expected and Unexpected Metabolites
C146-E112 Ion Source DUIS-2010, Enabling even higher throughput analysis
C146-E107 Opening LCMS to research: Psiport browser software
C146-E111 Identification of unknown polymer additives using LCMS-IT-TOF
C190-E109 Migration points to fast analysis; Optimization of the system and analysis conditions
C190-E108 Principles and practical applications of Shimadzu's ELSD-LTII evaporative light scattering detector
C146-E106 Analysis of artificial colorants by ultra-fast liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
C146-E105 Natural Product Analysis using the LCMS-IT-TOF
C146-E104 Structural Prediction of Impurities in Drugs using MSn Data
C190-E102 Prominence UFLC Next Generation High Throughput-HPLC