4890 Controller - Specs

Servopulser Control Unit

4890 Controller

Logical operation resolution

32 bits

Loading waveform

Sine, haversine, triangular, hold rectangular, and combinations of these

Special waveforms

Slow start/stop, sweep, arbitrary


0.00001 to 500 Hz

Ramp speed

1×10-9 to 100 full scale/sec

Hold time

0.01 to 1×109 sec

Cycle counter


Measurement amplifier type

Test force/displacement (standard accessory)/strain/elongation/voltage inputs
* 6 additional optional amplifiers can be added.

Measurement amplifier functions

Rangeless, auto-zero function, automatic recognition and calibration functions

Measured value display

Instantaneous values or upper/lower limit peaks values are displayed in engineering units

Number of control channels

Max. 8

Control functions

2-degree-of-freedom PID control
Auto-tuning function
Realtime gain adjustment function
Logical operation control functions (virtual transducer)
Automatic amplitude/mean-value correction function (AGC)
Shockless control switching function
Function to prevent overloading during specimen clamping (sub controller function)

Alarm functions

Excessive amplitude detection, low amplitude detection, breakage sensitivity, breakage detection
hydraulic unit alarm, preset count, external alarm I/O


GLUON software package for Windows

Size (W × D × H)

205 × 483 × 466 mm (excluding protrusions)

Power Requirements

100 ±10 V 50 Hz/60 Hz, 1.0 kVA single-phase

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