SALD-MS Series Features

  • Groups of particles are dispersed in a liquid medium and measured as they are circulated between the flow cell, which is placed in the measurement unit, and a dispersion bath in the sampler.
  • The dispersion bath incorporates a stirrer and an ultrasonic sonicator. A pump delivers the dispersed suspension to the flow cell.
  • The pump is specially designed to ensure both the liquid medium and the particles are circulated.
  • Most organic solvents can be used as dispersion media.

1) Wide variety of functions incorporated
The dispersing bath incorporates a stirrer and an ultrasonic oscillator. The dispersed suspension is delivered to the flow cell by a circulation pump. The circulation pump is designed specially to ensure that the particles, not just the liquid medium, are correctly circulated. Moreover, it can be connected to a PC so that the circulation pump, ultrasonic oscillator, liquid medium supply pump, etc. can be directly controlled (connected to serial port). A switch panel also is provided to enable control by manual operation.

2) Almost any organic solvent can be used
Almost all organic solvents, as well as water or ethyl alcohol, can be used as the liquid medium. (See Table 1.) A variety of liquid medium can be selected according to the measurement target and purpose.

3) Built-in liquid medium supply pump
The sampler has a built-in liquid medium supply pump. Liquid medium can be easily supplied automatically simply by inserting a tube connected to the liquid medium supply pump into a commercially-available PVC tank.

SALD-MS22/SALD-MS71 Multifunction Sampler Solvent Resistance
Solvent Solvent Resistance Solvent Solvent Resistance
Acetone Not applicable Hexane Applicable
Benzene Applicable Isopropyl alcohol Applicable
Cyclohexane Applicable Methyl alcohol Applicable
Dichlorobenzene Applicable Propyl alcohol Applicable
Ethyl alcohol Applicable Toluene Applicable
Ethylene glycol Applicable Xylene Applicable

(Solvent resistance values are representative, and are not guaranteed.)
Solvent resistance: Solvent resistance of flow line materials used on SALD-MS22 multifunction sampler

* A flow cell is provided on the multifunction sampler. Though the basic configuration and structure of the multifunction sampler are the same, the body color and type of flow cell provided on the SALD-2201 and SALD-7101 are different.

* The SALD-MS31 standard sampler (P/N 346-63701-10) for the SALD-3100 incorporating a more powerful circulation pump to achieve a measurement upper limit of 3000 ┬Ám (i.e. 3 mm) is also available for the SALD-3100.

* An exclusive pump is provided on SALD-200V ER Model-2 and SALD-300V Model-2.

Caution: Do not use highly-flammable organic solvents. They are dangerous. When highly-volatile organic solvents are used, be sure to provide adequate ventilation.

* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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