Scanning Probe Microscope(SPM) SPM+nanoTA2

SPM + nano-TA2 Combined Nano Thermal Analysis System

Combining the Anasys Instruments nano-TA2 nano thermal analysis system with the SPM-9700 enables observation of the 3-dimensional shape of a sample surface, as well as pinpoint thermal analysis. It is now possible to analyze the thermal properties of submicron-level microscopic regions and outer surfaces only, analyses that were impossible with thermal analyzers to date.

Basic Principles of nano-TA


PE Surface Image, Observed with the Nano Thermal Probe

This combined system performs thermal analysis by measuring the thermal properties (including glass transitions, softening, and fusion temperatures) of microscopic regions or trace samples utilizing a microscopic thermal probe.
In terms of the measurement method, the nano thermal probe is placed in contact with the sample surface, the probe tip is heated at a constant rate, and the vertical displacement (TMA) of the probe due to the resultant expansion, softening, or thermal changes occurring at the sample surface is then measured. This data is caused by glass transitions and softening. In addition, it is possible to observe the shape of the sample surface while heating the nano thermal probe (Heated Tip AFM).

Typical applications

- Glass transition temperature and softening temperature of thermoplastic resins
- Analysis of each part of multilayer films
- Thermal analysis of thin film polymers
- Tg difference between the front and back of films
- Toner thermal analysis

Max. speed of thermal increase 6000,000 °C/min
Max. measured temperature 550 °C
AFM image observation mode Contact/Dynamic

Sample Tests of the Thermomechanical Properties of Standard Samples (PE, PCL, and PET)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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