High Resolution Scanning Probe Microscope

In Air

The Molecular Structural Arrangement of a Thin Film of Lead Phthalocyanine Crystals

These figures show phthalocyanine crystals, which are commonly used in organic light-emitting displays, and in dye-sensitized solar cells. The four-leaf structure surrounding the metal atom at the center of the molecule can be clearly observed.

Sample: PbPc/MoS2

Atomic Defects in Polydiacetylene Crystals

Observations were made of polydiacetylene crystal surfaces, cleaved in air. If the terrace observed in the wide-area image (in the figure at left) is enlarged, individual PTS (para-toluenesulfonate) side chains lined up at 0.5 nm intervals can be observed along the main diacetylene chain, running at 0.75 nm intervals parallel to the b-axis. The fact that an atomic defect is visible is evidence that the image is of an actual space, not a FFT image of periodicity.

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