High Resolution Scanning Probe Microscope

In Liquid

Molecular Structure of Proteins 1)

Egg-white lysozyme was observed in a saturated aqueous solution. Protein molecules (the circles in the figure at left) can be observed within the surface unit cell (the square in the figure at right)..

Mixed Crystalline Structures

This illustrates the observation of epitaxially-grown Na2MgCl4 crystals on a single NaCl crystal surface in a mixed solution.
Because the crystalline structure can be observed, this technique can be used to identify the structure of mixed samples.

Atomic Structure of a Calcite Cleavage Plane 2)

This is an atomic-resolution observation of surface structure in a liquid medium. Defects in the calcite surface are evident in the figure at left.

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* All data on this page was obtained using the petri dish type solution cell (option).

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