High Resolution Scanning Probe Microscope


1. SPM Unit

Resolution X, Y: 0.2 nm, Z: 0.01 nm
SPM Head Displacement
detection system
Light source/optical lever/detector
Light source Laser diode
(635 nm, 5 mW max., switchable ON/OFF)
Irradiates cantilever continuously, even while replacing samples.
Detector Photodetector
Noise level converted
to displacement
20 fm/√H max.
Scanner Drive element Tube piezoelectric element
Max. scanning size 10.0 μm x 10.0 μm x 10.0 μm (X, Y, Z)
Stage Max. sample size 38 mm dia. x 8 mm
Sample replacement method Head-slide mechanism
Sample securing method Magnet
SPM head movement range 10 mm x 10 mm
Z-Axis Coarse Adjustment Mechanism Method Fully automatic, using stepping motor
Max. stroke 10 mm
Optical Microscope CCD Element size: 1/3 inch
Effective pixels: 1024 x 768
  Lens Stroke: 65 mm
Optical magnification: 4x
Illumination Coaxial incident illumination
Vibration Isolation System Vibration damper Built into SPM unit

2. Control Unit

Control Unit Feedback Digital control
Communications Interface 1000Base-T, TCP/IP protocol
Drive Unit X/Y-axis control -211 to +211 V /16 bit
Z-axis control -211 to +211 V /16 bit
Analog Unit Input voltage -10 to 10 V
Resolution 16 bit
Sampling frequency 200 kHz
Input signal 8 channels

3. Data Processing Unit

Host Computer Main memory 16 GB min.
External recording device Internal hard drive with minimum 250 GB
One CD-RW drive
Communications interface 1000Base-T, TCP/IP protocol
OS Windows 10 Professional (64 bit), English version
Monitor Panel 21-inch wide-screen TFT LCD
Display resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

4. Software

Online Observation
Maximum 8 images can be displayed simultaneously. Cross section shape can be displayed during scanning
Scanning mode Switchable between XY, ZX, and ZXY
Control screen Observation parameters can be specified
Offline Summary display Summary of images can be displayed as thumbnails
Image data
Display, process, or analyze image data
Display or analyze 3D mapping data

External Appearance of Instrument

* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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