Scanning Probe Microscope

Wide Variety of 3D Rendering Functions Using Mouse Operations

Images can be freely rotated, zoomed, and Z-axis magnification varied using the mouse to intuitively adjust the viewing angle or magnification level. Using sophisticated analytical tools, such as a texture function, which displays sample physical properties overlaid with height information, or a 3D cross-section profile analysis function, dramatically improves the efficiency of image verification work.



Change Z-Axis Magnification

Texture Function

Height information can be displayed overlaid with information about other physical properties. This allows clearly showing the relationship between both parameters.

3D Cross-Section Profile Analysis

Cross-section profiles can be analyzed in 3D images. If physical property information is expressed in terms of texture, respective cross-section profiles can be displayed and analyzed in the same location.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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