Scanning Probe Microscope

A revolutionary layout-free user interface (GUI) is used that provides borderless support for operations ranging from online observation to offline analysis. This means the SPM can be operated from observation to determining observation position and obtaining observation results without confusion.

Operate Without Confusion

From startup to observation and analysis, the SPM can be operated using only mouse-clicks, without requiring any complicated settings

(1) Startup

Select the observation mode in the [Manager] window.

(2) Setup

Follow the steps indicated in the guidance window to easily complete setup.

(3) Start Observation

Clicking the [Observation Start] button performs all operations automatically, from approach to observation.

(4) Display

Image data obtained in the past can be viewed without switching offline.

(5) Offline Analysis

A wide selection of functions for displaying, processing, and analyzing images are available for expressing observation results more attractively and quantitatively.

Determine the Observation Position Without Confusion

(1) Observation Window

Up to 8 images can be displayed simultaneously. This means the surface shape and physical properties can be compared in multiple images, while scanning.

(2) Navigator

The Navigator clearly shows what area is being observed. Since previously observed images can be displayed, this enables obtaining an overall view of the entire sample.

Obtain Observation Results Without Confusion

(3) Online Profile

Cross-section profiles can be measured in the online window while observing samples.


(4) Image History

Past image data can be displayed next to current observation images for comparison.

Wide Assortment of Scanning Functions

(5) Force Mapping

A force curve can be measured for each point in observed image data to acquire a distribution of sample mechanical properties or adhesion force (special order).

(6) Vector Scanning

The scanning direction, force between the probe and sample, or the applied voltage can be programmed to allow scanning according to a program (special order).

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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