Scanning Probe Microscope

Cantilever Mounting Jig

  1. Mount the cantilever holder on the mounting jig and fix the holder using the holder fixing knob.
    Then, press the presser bar release pin.
    (The cantilever presser bar lifts up.)
  1. Place the cantilever on the slide.
    Pause a moment at this stage!
    You can release and pinch the cantilever again in this step!
  1. Move the cantilever from the slide to the holder.
    ( The cantilever is set properly! )
  1. Press the presser bar setting lever slowly.
    The presser bar release pin will return and the cantilever will be fixed.

Applicable Cantilever Holders
Standard holders for AFM, holders for electric current, holders for minute electric current, and holders for KFM

  1. This jig cannot be used for cantilever holders for solution cells.

Product Configuration
1) Mounting jig main unit 1
2) Hexagon wrench for adjustment 4
3) Holding case 1
4) Instruction manual 1
* Patent pending

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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