Scanning Probe Microscope

Making the Unknown Visible

Scanning probe microscope (SPM) is a generic term for microscopes that scan sample surfaces with an extremely sharp probe to observe their three-dimensional image or local properties at high magnifications.

The SPM-9700HT takes high-throughput observations to the next level.

High-Throughput Scanner Shortens Observation Times

Due to the new deveopled HT scanner that achieves a high-speed response and optimizing softwares and the design of control system, aquisition of the image data is now available at a speed of conventional than 5 times or more(our ratio).

Head-Slide Mechanism

High Stability
Sample replacement without stopping laser irradiation, outstanding irradiation stability, and significantly shorter analysis times.

CantileverMaster Cantilever Mounting Jig

This jig ensures easy and secure mounting of the cantilever.

Wide Variety of 3D Rendering Functions Using Mouse Operations

Confirm images magnified in a variety of directions easily using the mouse, and even analyze 3D cross-section profiles.

Ease of Operation Minimizes Distraction from Observation to Analysis

A guidance function to guide users through procedures, a navigation function that eliminates uncertainty about the observation position, and other features help ensure observations can be performed quickly and smoothly.

Functionality and Expandability to Meet a Wide Range of Requirements

A generous selection of measurement modes and excellent expandability helps ensure reliable measurements, regardless of the properties that a wide variety of samples may have, such as hardness or electrical conductivity.

Optional Products and Application Examples

WET-SPM Environment Controlled Scanning Probe Microscope

This allows controlling the sample and surrounding environment for processing or observing samples in a controlled environment. 

An optional temperature and humidity controller, sample heating and cooling unit, sample heating unit, and gas spray unit are also available.

Particle Analysis Software

This allows extracting multiple particles from image data and calculating, analyzing, or displaying characteristic quantities for each individual particle. It also enables statistical processing as well.

You can find the data and the application, etc. obtained with SPM.


This product is certified as Shimadzu's Eco-Products Plus.
Reduced power consumption by 80% compared with conventional Shimadzu's products.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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