Fatigue Testing

With improved reliability and safety called for as a result of environment problems and in electronic and transportation equipment, R&D is being conducted vigorously into high-performance, high-reliability materials and products. For this reason, the methods for evaluating the strength properties and reliability of these materials and products also have become advanced and complex. The Shimadzu Servopulser provides you with the functions for building a system that can flexibly and optimally accommodate various evaluations and tests of this kind.

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EHF-L Series

Compact material testing machine of high performance, specifically developed for the R&D of new mate...

EHF-E Series

The Shimadzu Servopulser is a complete dynamic behavioral evaluation system with fully digital elect...

EHF-U Series

For Endurance Testing and Functional Testing of Actual Specimens. The large testing table below and ...

EMT Series

Fatigue and Endurance Testing Machine with Direct Electrically Powered Actuator

Micro-Servo MMT Series

Electromagnetic type servo actuator employed to enable gram-order weighing and high-speed repeat loa...


The USF-2000 implements materials fatigue testing at 20 kHz. Consequently, it is possible to evaluat...

Dedicated Software GLUON Series

GLUON Software packages for the 4890 Controller

Energy-Conservation Unit

Up to 50 % energy savings. Contributes to reduced CO2 emissions and lower running costs.

Solution System Packages

Accessories & Components

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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