Hardness Testing / Viscosity & Flow Testing

Shimadzu's range of hardness testers - including conventional JIS-compatible models and models utilizing new principles of operation - can evaluate the hardness (strength) of all materials from steel through to new materials and from micro parts through to large products.
The Shimadzu Mooney Viscometer features excellent performance of the Mooney viscosity test with high efficiency ensured by controlling system.

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Product Lineup

HMV-G Series

Shimadzu micro Vickers hardness testers are equipped with excellent automatic reading functions and visually straightforward, convenient software. In addition, an extensive lineup of options is available to accommodate a variety of needs.


A new evaluation system for measuring the material strength of micro regions, such as semiconductors...

MCT Series

The Shimadzu micro compression testers MCT Series evaluate the strength of micro components, micro p...

CFT-EX Series

The CFT-EX series is ideal for research and development, production process and quality control of t...


SMV-301/SMV-301RT Mooney viscometers feature a color LCD touch panel display that allows the instrum...

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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