Precision Universal Testing Machines / Tensile Tester

Applications to New Materials

In the field of new materials development, including composite materials, unique tests are required in order to evaluate the strength of adhesive bonding between different types of materials, and the lowering of strength due to scratches. Our lineup includes items compliant with ISO and JIS as well as ASTM standards, and optional instruments such as a shaft alignment instrument as an entire testing system are also available. Additionally, with ultra-high-speed sampling, a function of the main unit, even abrupt reductions in test force when highly brittle materials break are not overlooked.

PASS shaft Alignment System

This instrument measures the alignment of a standard sample from the test axis using an attached strain gauge, and then performs adjustments to minimize the small deviation. It is possible to secure a core of ASTM E 1012 Class 8 or higher.

PASS shaft Alignment System

Combined Loading Compression Test Jig
(CLC Test, ASTM D6641)

This is for a test method that combines shear load and end face load.

CLC Test, ASTM D6641

Jig for Evaluating Compression Residual Strength Properties
(ASTM D7137)

This is for a compression test on a sample that has been damaged in an impact test.

ASTM D7137

MMB Test Jig
(ASTM D6671)

This is for measuring interlaminar breakage in CFRPs, and can be used to perform a test with mixed mode I (opening mode) and mode II (in-plane shear mode).

MMB Test Jig

Double V-Notched In-Plane Shear Test Jig
(Iosipescu Method,ASTM D5379)

This is for measuring in-plane shear strength, in-plain shear fracture strain, and the in-plane shear elastic modulus.

Double V-Notched In-Plane Shear Test Jig

V-Notched Rail Shear Test Jig

V-Notched Rail Shear Test Jig
(ASTM D7078)

This is for a shear test of a sample with 90° V-notches on the top and bottom.

Open Hole Compression Test Jig

Open Hole Compression Test Jig
(OHC Test,ASTM D6484)

This is a compression test jig for an open hole test sample that has a circular hole in the center.

* Some of these instruments require special optional parts to connect to a testing machine. Contact your Shimadzu representative.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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