DT Series

Differential Transformer Type Extensometers

ISO Class 1 Compliant Differential Transformer Type Extensometers

The ISO 6892-1 standard for tensile testing of metallic materials prescribes Class 1 or higher extensometers, and JIS Z2241 prescribes Class 2 or higher extensometers when measuring withstanding pressure. The DT series includes Class 1 compliant differential transformer type extensometers, which can be used to implement test methods compliant with metal tensile test standards.

Extensometer Class 1 Compliant

This instrument is compliant with Class 1 in ISO 9513 and JIS B 7741
(±3 μm or ±1 % of the specified value, whichever is larger).
It is also compliant with ASTM E83 Class C.

Compliant with Strain Rate Control Test Methods

Perform tests in compliance with "Test Rates by Strain Rate Control" from JIS B 7741 (Attachment JB (Reference)) and ISO 6892-1 (Method A).

Note: Requires an X type controller.

Compliance with Extensometer Class 1 and Strain Control

Please reference the table below when using DT series differential transformer type extensometers for Class 1 compliance and when implementing strain rate control.

  UH-X/FX/ AG-X/ AGS-X Series UH-I Series / AG-I Series Previous Testing Machines
Class 1
Use the amp built into  the UH-X/FX and AG-X, or an ESA amp.
Use an ESA amp.
Precision: Class 1 corresponds to the  following measurement ranges.
• DT50-10: 0 mm to 1 mm • DT50-5: 0 mm to 1.25 mm • DT50-2: 0 mm to 1 mm • DT50-50 is not compatible.
Retrofit the X type controller,  and then use the amp built into  the UH-X/FX and AG-X, or an ESA amp.
Strain control
Retrofit the X type controller,  and then use the amp built into  the UH-X/FX and AG-X, or an ESA amp.


Measurement range: Max. 25 mm (4 types)
Gauge length: 50 mm
Accuracy: Extensometer Class 1 (Within ±3 μm or ±1 % of the specified value, whichever is larger)


This Precision is the value when calibrated simultaneously with the amp. Existing amps will require on-site calibration.


The latest version of amp built into the UH-X/FX and AG-X, or the latest ESA amp, is required for compliance with these DT extensometers. Existing amps may not be compliant.


These DT extensometers do not accommodate fractures.

■ Size and Measurement Range for Applicable Samples

Model Structure Applicable Sample Note) Measurement
Range (mm)
Rod Diameter (mm) Flat Plate W × T (mm)
DT50-50-45 A ø23 to 45 W 40 (max.) × T 23 to 45 25
DT50-10-45 C 5
DT50-5-45 C 2.5
DT50-2-45 C 1
DT50-50-25 A ø6 to 25 W 40 (max.) × T 6 to 25 25
DT50-10-25 C 5
DT50-5-25 C 2.5
DT50-2-25 C 1
DT50-10-10 B ø3 to 10 W 40 (max.) × T 0.2 to 10 5
DT50-5-10 B 2.5
DT50-2-10 B 1
    Note: Samples should have enough rigidity so they are not deformed when installing the extensometer.

* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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