Automatic Cooling Attachments

The DSC-60/60A (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) can use the "liquid nitrogen cooling type TAC-60L" or "electric cooling type TAC-60i" as "attachments for low-temperature (cooled) measurement".

Low-Temperature (Cooled) Measurement

Thermal analysis measurement at low temperatures is widely used for evaluating physical characteristics of oils/fats in foods/cosmetics, various oils, waxes, rubbers, and plastics (for example, measuring the transition point at low temperatures).

The figure on the right (upper) shows a measurement example where two types of automobile engine oil are cooled to -120 °C and then heated. It can be seen that sample M has better cold resistance since it coagulates at lower temperatures. (TAC-60L used)

Reference) Thermal Analysis Application News No.T139

The figure on the right (lower) shows data obtained by measuring commercially-available lipsticks (A, B, C). The peaks are caused by melting of wax and oil/fat in the lipstick. Peak shapes differ greatly according to type of lipstick.

TAC-60L Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System

DSC-60A + TAC-60L + TA-60WS PC set + FC-60A + ATG-60, etc.

DSC-60A + TAC-60L + TA-60WS PC set + FC-60A + ATG-60, etc.

The TAC-60L system uses liquid nitrogen as the catalyst for cooling samples down to -130 °C.

  • Stable Baseline

    The tank internal pressure is optimally controlled according the residual amount of liquid nitrogen in the tank to keep the supply flowrate constant. Pulsation is reduced, and the DSC baseline is stable even during cooling.

  • Space-Saving

    Installation space is saved since the liquid nitrogen supply control system is placed compactly in the pump head section.

  • Refrigerant Savings

    Samples can be cooled only when required since supply start/stop is controlled in steps according to a temperature program. Also, for safe operation and minimizing refrigerant consumption, refrigerant supply is automatically stopped when the measuring unit reaches a high temperature.

  • Autosampler Continuous Measurement Supported

    Samples can be replaced easily during cooling thanks to the unique layout at the rear of the cooling unit. Moreover, gas can be allowed to pass for a fixed period of time after measurement ends to prevent dew and frost condensation. (when the optional ATG-60 is connected)
Temperature range -130 °C to 500 °C
Cooling capacity -10 °C/min (to -80 °C)
Cooling program Start/stop of liquid nitrogen supply can be set to operate in sync with the temperature program.
Protective functions Gas flow start/stop after cooling stops (ATG-60), liquid nitrogen supply stop at high temperatures

* Including accessory liquid nitrogen tank (35 L). The continuous operating time when this tank is used is approximately 8 hours. (This changes according to the temperature program.)

TAC-60i Electric-Cooling Attachment

DSC-60A + TAC-60i + TA-60WS PC set + FC-40A + cooling unit

DSC-60A + TAC-60i + TA-60WS PC set + FC-40A + cooling unit

The TAC-60i electric-cooling type attachment does not require liquid nitrogen, and can cool samples to down -50 °C.

  • No Catalyst Required

    Liquid nitrogen or other catalysts are not used, which means that liquid nitrogen need not be prepared before measurement or that there is no worry about ventilation.

  • Just Connect the Cooling Unit

    Samples can be cooled down to -50 °C for measurement by simply connecting a commercially-available cooling unit (intra cooler).
Temperature range -50 °C to 500 °C
Cooling capacity -10 °C/min
(at -10 °C)

-5 °C/min
(at -30 °C)
Protective functions DSC heating furnace forcibly turned OFF at a cooling head temperature of 70 °C

* To prevent condensation, be sure to use dry nitrogen or inert gas when operating this system.

Selection Between TAC-60L Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System and TAC-60i Electric-Cooling Attachment

TAC-60L: This is recommended when cooling down to -50 °C or less (possible down to -130 °C) or when mixing cooled and non-cooled measurements.

TAC-60i: This is recommended when it is difficult to obtain liquid nitrogen on a daily basis, when it is difficult to ventilate vaporized nitrogen from the test room, and when performing measurement for 8 hours or more non-stop.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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