TOC Analyzers

Functional Comparison of the TOC-L Series with Conventional Combustion Catalytic Oxidation Method TOC Analyzers

The TOC-L series provides even better functionality and operability than the popular TOC-V series. In addition, applications can be further enhanced by adopting new options such as a kit for small sample volumes and a high-salt sample combustion tube kit.

Measurement range CSH/CPH TC:4 μg/L - 25,000 mg/L TC:4 μg/L - 30,000 mg/L
IC:4 μg/L - 30,000 mg/L IC:4 μg/L - 35,000 mg/L
TN:5 μg/L - 4,000 mg/L TN:5 μg/L - 10,000 mg/L
CSN/CPN TC:50 μg/L - 25,000 mg/L TC:50 μg/L - 30,000 mg/L
IC:4 μg/L - 3,000 mg/L IC:4 μg/L - 3,000mg/L
TN:20 μg/L - 4,000 mg/L TN:20 μg/L - 10,000 mg/L
Priority water sampling when using an autosampler Common None Yes (maximum of 30 second reduction per sample with 3 measurements, Note 1)
COD/BOD conversion Common Function available (TOC-VCSH/CSNonly) Function available (all models)
Built-in LCD CSH/CSN Black and white TFT color
Number and type of data saved (standalone model) CSH/CSN

Measurement results: For 200 samples, average values only
Calibration curve: 25 max.

Measurement results: For 2,000 samples or more, all measurement results and peak data
Calibration curve: 60 max.
Output of data saved (standalone model) CSH/CSN Not available Capable of output to a USB memory stick
Printer CSH/CSN Built-in printer (thermal) Capable of using a PC USB printer (sold separately)
Validation support CPH/CPN
(PC software)
None Yes
PC connection Common RS232C USB
Carrier gas problem detection Common None Function available
Power consumption
(Weekly integrated value) Note 2
Common Approx. 20,000 Wh Approx. 12,700 Wh (36 % reduction)
External dimensions, weight Common TOC main unit:
W440 x D525 x H460 mm,Approx. 40 kg
TN unit added:
W600 x D525 x H460 mm, Approx. 48 kg
TOC main unit:
W340 x D660 x H480 mm,Approx. 35 kg
TOC main unit:
W340 x D660 x H480 mm, Approx. 35 kg
Autosampler cover Common Fitted cover With a two-part cover, adding vials is simplified
Kit for small sample volumes CSH/CPH None (sample consumption: 8 mL for 3 measurements) Yes (sample consumption: 5 mL for 3 measurements)
High-salt sample combustion tube kit Common None Yes
Halogen scrubber for high-salt samples (B-type halogen scrubber) Common No option available Option available

Note 1) Measurement conditions: 3 NPOC measurements per sample. Comparison of average measurement time per sample when measuring 20 samples.

Note 2) Comparison of integrated power consumption under 8 hours/day, 5 days/week usage conditions.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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