Information Security

Improving Information Security Within the Shimadzu Group

The Shimadzu Group shall obtain personal information and confidential business information related to Shimadzu and other companies based on appropriate rules. We will improve information security to ensure important information obtained from customers and suppliers is managed appropriately and not used for fraudulent or wrongful purposes.
To ensure continuous improvement of information security, the entire Shimadzu Group must cooperate and each and every relevant person must be mindful of managing and using such information appropriately.
We have conducted Information Security Committee meetings twice a year, chaired by the director in charge of information systems, and established systems for deploying committee decisions throughout Shimadzu Corporation and Group companies. At the meetings, the committee creates relevant regulations that incorporate the direction and contents of the measures discussed and the human, organizational, and technical countermeasures. It also decides the introduction of new information management methods and tools.
The committee is also involved in highlighting the importance of information security and conducting ongoing training activities, such as by distributing the Information Security Guidebook (a summary of information security rules), offering information security training via e-learning, and offering email training for understanding the threat of suspicious or fraudulent emails and learning how to deal with them.