Corporate Ethics/Compliance

Corporate Ethics

To ensure our organization fulfills its role expected from society, it is important that each employee maintains a high standard of corporate ethics. In April 2015, Shimadzu issued the sixth version
of a corporate code of ethics originally established in 1999. It specifies five principles of conduct considered especially important and 17 updated conduct guidelines that break down the five principles into practical guidelines for everyday business activities. In addition, a corporate ethics awareness survey conducted annually in February measures the level of employee awareness of corporate ethics and the degree to which they have been adopted and analyzes employee awareness from various perspectives for the benefit of future activities.

Corporate Ethics Contacts

To ensure that corporate ethics-related problems can be prevented or identified and dealt with at as early a stage as possible, Shimadzu has established four contact points inside and outside the company for reporting information or seeking advice about issues related to corporate ethics (a Shimadzu ethics help desk, an external hotline, a harassment advice line, and a dedicated sexual harassment line).
If necessary, personnel at these contact points can cooperate with relevant departments to investigate the case, implement corrective actions, and/or implement measures to prevent recurrence.